Tool Construction

Manufacture of punch-pressing, deep-drawing and stamping tools.

We work with the programs CAD Solid Works and MASTERCAM and we can read nearly all files.
Our development department looks forward to realize your future projects.

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CNC milling machine Brideport GX 1000

Dimension: 1120x540 mm

  • bridgeport
CNC milling machine Kaast VF-Mill B 22.9

Dimension: 2200x850 mm

  • kaast
CNC milling machine Quaser MV 204 II

Dimension: 1200 x 635 mm

  • quaser
Copy milling machine Rorschach Starrag KAB-250

Dimension: 4000x950 mm

Planing machine Waldrich Coburg 4DS2020

Dimension: 3000x820 mm

Surface grinding machine
Proth PSGS-4080AH

Dimension: 800x400 mm